Tom Brady’s fiery competitiveness has been well-documented, both in his demonstrative celebrations and his proclivity of dropping f-bombs on air. When asked about it, Brady said viewers offended by his words should “blame CBS and NBC for putting it on TV.” And now three people have, according to FCC complaints obtained by the Smoking Gun.

The first guy actually does blame CBS, wondering why they went out of their way twice to showcase Brady’s reactions.

FCC Complaint 1

The second guy also blamed the broadcast, saying it was an easy way out for announcers.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.34.47 PM

The third guy said pretty much the same thing, and whaddaya know, he also had a young child in the room.

FCC Complaint 3

If it’s any consolation, the complaints came from Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Iowa, so the offended parents weren’t likely Patriots fans. To any parents out there worried that Brady’s on-air obscenities will encourage potty mouths of their own, just show them this to prove how uncool swearing really is.

[h/t NESN]