Everybody loves a good laugh at the local news. Whether it be something as quick and simple as a news reporter walking into a sign or an entire segment devoted to leprechaun sightings, the precious few moments local newscasts break out of their banality with something truly bizarre are universally treasured.

That’s why this 15-minute compilation of the year’s best in news bloopers is such a treat. From unintentional obscenities and double entendres to on-air freakouts, 2014 had plenty to offer in the way of gaffes.

Unfortunately, neither of our favorite Massachusetts news goofs made the cut. One, a live drug deal captured on air in Worcester, actually occurred in 2013 but recirculated a couple months ago. Understandably, it did not warrant inclusion.

The other, however — local weatherman Barry Burbank holding his coffee mug upside down during the show intro — was a real snub. Sure, Burbank admitted he orchestrated the whole thing as a joke, but come on, that’s local news gold right there.

Know of any other Massachusetts-specific local news mess-ups from 2014? Drop us a line @BDCwire.