Arrested Development will soon be getting anustart.

Brian Grazer, executive producer of the cult comedy hit, revealed in an interview at SXSW that 17 new episodes are in the works. Netflix, home to Arrested Development’s web-exclusive fourth season, has yet to confirm Grazer’s statement. But it’s never too early to break into a chicken dance celebrating everyone’s favorite dysfunctional TV family.


After its original cancellation by Fox in 2006, Arrested Development returned to Netflix with 15 new episodes in 2013. But each episode only focused on one character at a time, and opportunities for the Bluths to laugh, ride and cornhole together were few and far between. And, honestly, what’s a nevernude without his magician brother-in-law?

Here are the 17 things we’re most looking forward to about having the Bluths back in our lives:

1. Tobias in body paint
2. Vertigo-stricken Lucille Austero clinging onto anything
3. George Michael still looking like he’s 15 years old


4. Lucille Bluth winking
5. Lucille Bluth pursing her lips
6. Lucille Bluth insulting Lindsay
7. Lucille Bluth


8. Gene Parmesan knocking on a door
9. Buster grabbing his ears
10. Well-edited banners


11. Ann—but not really
12. The Seaward leaving when she’s good and ready
13. Gob making a huge mistake


14. Mrs. Featherbottom infringing on copyrights
15. Motherboy
16. Loose seals