A Google search on “Yoko Ono” will take you to what many Twitter and Reddit users are hastily declaring the “Worst Performance of All Time.” A little over a week ago, Ono made it to the stage of UK music festival Glastonbury 2014 with indie rock group Yo La Tengo, and opted to squeal her way through 1969 track “Don’t Worry, Kyoko.”

The song first appeared on the B-side of late husband John Lennon’s “Cold Turkey”single, and to be fair, always sounded something like a tape from the crime scene of a brutal murder. The song was first performed with Lennon—as well as Eric Clapton—at the 1969 “Toronto Rock and Roll Revival”concert. It was the first and last live performance of the newly formed Plastic Ono Band.

Clapton even seemed to be throwing some shade at Ono back in 1969, as he struggled to make sense of the song’s unruly vocal riffs. Over 40 years later, the now-81-year-old Yoko Ono was met by a similarly annoyed crowd at Glastonbury, as well as a wildly amused viral audience. “And the crowd goes mild,”one Reddit user writes of the late-June performance. “Yoko Oh-no”writes another. The jury’s might still be out on just what role Ono played in The Beatles’ demise, but as far as Glastonbury festivalgoers were concerned, this woman is a pariah.

*Side Note: the sheet music in front of Yoko provides a nice touch. With such complicated verses, it really helped her nail it, too.