Skateboarding culture is now making a huge impact on the 2015 music scene. From skate themed music videos to exclusive band inspired decks, the sport is beginning to re-capture the attention of music enthusiasts.

Considering the extraordinary history of skate video soundtracks and classic music videos, the union of skate culture and indie music makes this revival understandable and exciting. A simple youtube search will reveal a limitless resource of homemade skate videos coupled with a meticulously chosen soundtrack. 

I began to take notice at the end of last year, when Irish singer-songwriter Soak was seen trundling through three of her music videos. This year RadioBDC favorites Jamie XX and Joywave  can be seen skating throughout their recently released videos. While each video follows very different artistic direction, the imagery feels immaculately compatible. You can watch both videos below.

It doesn’t roll to a stop with just music videos. Recently bands like Mogwai and Daft Punk have hopped aboard and announced plans to release limited edition boards inspired by their mutual appreciation of music and skating. Diehard fans can now make all the dudes at the skatepark jealous as they roll around town on a deck emblazoned with classic logos and album art. It will be interesting to see if other bands follow Mogwai and Daft Punk’s lead and create collaborations of their own. 

Any predictions of which band will debut their own board next?