Sometimes I miss college. I miss the camaraderie, the relaxed schedule, and the feeling of excitement over dumb things like ice luges.

In reality, ice luges are pretty gross, at least if you’re even the slightest of a germ freak. That doesn’t stop hordes of young’ns from slurping down pour after pour of mysteriously colored cocktail creations down the fashionable glacial slides every weekend. It’s also not stopping Anheuser-Busch’s hard cider offering Johnny Appleseed from building the world’s largest ice luge.

On Thursday, June 19, the cider company will erect the 25-foot tall (2 feet higher than the previous record), 4-foot wide structure, which will weigh 25,000 pounds and take 600 man hours to complete from start to finish. Seeing as it’s in the middle of June, I’d assume that they’ve taken into account warm temperatures.

The luge will be placed in the Seaport District and be open for a promotional event starting at 7 p.m. on June 19. Those interested in attending can RSVP through Johnny Appleseed’s website. The event is free, and will also feature a performance from a “major music act” to be announced in the coming days. In an act of true goodwill, the 1,800 gallons of water that will melt from the luge will be donated to the Johnny Appleseed Trail Association to water the trees and flowers along the trail in Central Massachusetts. 

Cider is having quite the hot year so far, and this event is sure to put Johnny Appleseed cider in the right hands. By next school year, every college in the area will be having Johnny Appleseed themed parties where everyone wears pots on their heads and basically nothing else so they can look “so cute!”