It wouldn’t be a deep championship run without people jumping on YouTube to post amateur videos intended to pump up their team’s fans (and make them mega Internet celebs in the process). That goes for both Red Sox and Cardinals followers. Here are some, er, highlights.

1. ‘Started from the Bottom (remix)’
Take a Drake song, make it about the Red Sox.

2. ‘Everybody Bleeds Red (Cardinals World Series Song)’
This rules! Seriously, it is awesome. The pristine production quality almost makes us want to cheer for the Cardinals. Or go to a Daughtry concert. Well, no (to both).

3. ‘Cardinal Nation Song’
No comment, besides this: YES.

4. ‘The Devil Came Up to Boston’
This is a classic by old friend Adam Ezra, so it’s not World Series-specific. But it’s a Boston-themed YouTube video. You can bet it’s gotten some spins during this postseason.

5. ‘Young New England’
It’s not Sox-based, per se, but it’s a serious release for and about Boston folk during a World Series run. Clever marketing or opportunistic? Is there really a difference?

6. ‘Red Sox Beard’
HOW AMAZING IS THIS? I just want a transcript of this guy talking about the song. He compares himself to Weird Al Yankovic! We didn’t listen to the actual tune but this video of him previewing the song is in-fuggin’-credible. Also, IS THIS THE SAME GUY?! (You’ve got to click for the link.) Different usernames but similar YouTube styles (audio so low you can barely hear them, “Red Sox Beard” songsmiths).

7. ‘Koji on the Mound’
Everyone’s favorite closer gets feted in song. Who would have ever thought he’d be such an icon as to deserve this?

8. ‘Closin’ with Koji’
The Tufts a cappella group gave the same song a try with different verses. And dressed up as Koji.