After noticing “he’s almost never happy” despite the fact that “he has a lot to be happy about,” the Wall Street Journal’s the Count tallied up the number of times New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick smiled this season. Of course, it’s not many, but any guesses? We’ll give you a moment.

[It’s seven, if you must know.]

The video splices the rare grin with a lot of dour, business-as-usual Bill faces. Then, for comparison’s sake, the WSJ brings in video of “affable” Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll in which he smiles 10 times in just one press conference. Hey, Bill has won three Super Bowls for us whereas Carroll lost the reins on the Patriots when he was the head coach in New England, missing the playoffs in his final season in 1999. Does anyone miss his “affable” personality when our gruff leader is bringing home the bacon? Didn’t think so.

Finally, the WSJ theorizes that Belichick’s smiles are nearly undetectable to the naked eye. Now, they might be onto something here. He’s always had that glint in his eye that suggests he’s maybe more amused than he appears. Or maybe not. As long as he’s winning, who cares whether the dude cracks a smile?