A charming, well-groomed star attended the premiere of the film Legend in London Thursday, stealing the hearts of all who saw him.

Woodstock Hardy—who goes by “Woody,” according to Entertainment Weekly—walked the blue carpet with his guest, human actor Tom Hardy, of Mad Max: Fury Road.

"Legend" - UK Premiere - VIP Arrivals

Woody sported a chic black and oxblood color scheme. He put a twist on traditional evening attire, pairing a polka skull bow tie with a leather collar.

Hardy wore a suit.

We wanted to reach out and ask the labrador mix how he felt about the questions he was asked by the press.

But, sadly, Woody cannot give comments. "Legend" - UK Premiere - VIP Arrivals

This is not Woody’s first appearance in the public eye.

He was featured in a PETA campaign a while back urging people to adopt dogs just like him. Hardy was kindly included in that campaign, as well.

We have the feeling that Woody has a successful career ahead of himself as the best-dressed dog in Hollywood.