Hot out the gate from their Golden Globes win for “Transparent,” Amazon Studios announced that their next major project will be written and directed by none other than Woody Allen.

Allen, best known for “Annie Hall” and every bad impression of a Jewish man made since the late 1960s, has dominated the film industry for decades but hasn’t worked in television since the early days of shows like “Candid Camera” in the 1950s. The mogul came under fire last year after rape allegations from his daughter Dylan Farrow resurfaced and sparked national discussion but Allen’s career certainly hasn’t slowed – a Joaquin Phoenix vehicle in post-production and the new series announced by Amazon certainly isn’t shabby.

“Woody Allen is a visionary creator who has made some of the greatest films of all-time, and it’s an honor to be working with him on his first television series,” Roy Price, Amazon Studios’ vice president, said in a statement.

Though there’s no word on casting or plot, the project is slated to be released on Amazon Prime sometime next year. 

“I don’t know how I got into this,” Allen joked in response to the announcement. “I have no ideas and I’m not sure where to begin. My guess is that Roy Price will regret this.”

For better or for worse, the fledgling TV company appears to be thriving on edge and controversy, this time with its creator rather than its subject matter.

[h/t to The Hollywood Reporter]