Golden Globes viewers are all wondering where the super relatable Jennifer Lawrence is at this year’s award ceremony. After last year’s Golden Globes in which she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “American Hustle,” many expected her to once again bring her quirky spirit to the red carpet, but seems she was a no show. What gives?


Seems like JLaw may be grubbin’ in the Hub at Bricco in the North End. Could it be that she will be appearing in David O. Russel’s next film, “Joy”? The film is set to begin shooting in Boston next month, and it would only make sense that she’d be a part of it. The previous tweet, by Boston PR rep Nicole Russo is just the beginning. The following user appears to work at Bricco, just not the night that a Hollywood star shows up.    

Could she be staying at The Liberty Hotel as well?  

We only have Twitter as our compass for now…