Whoopi Goldberg, often considered the voice of reason on mid-afternoon gabfest “The View,” came to the defense of Boston Herald cartoonist Jerry Holbert and his “watermelon toothpaste” cartoon on today’s show.

“Here’s what I will tell you,” Goldberg said, “I use this toothpaste and there is a watermelon toothpaste.” Goldberg went on to say she believed Holbert’s explanation and didn’t think he had racist intent.

Look, we love Whoopi. “Eddie” is BDCwire’s unanimous pick for most underrated sports movie of the ’90s, and we sure as hell weren’t watching “Hollywood Squares” for Tom Bergeron and Bruce Villanch. That being said, Whoopi has made headlines in the past for defending some pretty indefensible targets, namely Mel Gibson, Roman Polanski, and most troublingly, the plaintiffs in the Steubenville rape case.

If those viewpoints aren’t enough to call Whoopi’s judgement into question, let’s focus on the fact that she’s an adult woman using children’s toothpaste. Our patience with Goldberg is wearing thin, but probably not as thin as the scant layer of enamel left on her poor, neglected teeth.

[h/t Defamer]