The New Orleans Saints informed linebacker Junior Galette Friday that he would be released before training camp began. The move was somewhat surprising, as Galette signed a four-year, $41.5 million contract extension last fall.

But then came an epic Twitter rant that threw almost a dozen players and coaches under the bus.

Galette deleted his own Twitter account, but when fans began tweeting at his girlfriend, the replies (and accusations) came fast and furious from someone who sounded an awful lot like Galette. (Heads up: Some of the language is NSFW.)

galette twitter rant

Among the many targets of the rant were quarterback Drew Brees, head coach Sean Payton, and wide receiver Marques Colston.

gallette tweets 2

You can read most of the accusations over at Canal Street Chronicles.

Galette has had a troubled off-season so far. He was arrested and charged with simple battery on January 5 for allegedly hitting a woman. The charges were later dropped, but a civil suit is still pending.

Then, on June 20, video of a 2013 incident showed a man purported to be Galette fighting several people on a beach and hitting a woman with a belt.

Though Galette’s attorneys claim the man isn’t him, the Saints made a statement acknowledging the video, and a photo posted to Galette’s Instagram the day before the incident suggests it was Galette in the video.

As incendiary and hurtful as the comments Galette (or his girlfriend) posted may be, Galette’s former teammates had the last laugh.