Eminem has a new record out and we tried to tell the masses but instead, everyone just wanted to talk about the rapper’s face. Marshall Mathers has grown up since “The Slim Shady LP” — but has he altered his looks? Here’s a photo of Eminem every year since the release of his breakthrough album. You be the judge.

1. 1999
Cool visor, platinum ‘do. This is the fresh face the world fell in love with, thanks to the hit single “My Name Is.”

2. 2000
Keepin’ it real in the studio.

3. 2001
Keepin’ it real in a Jason Voorhees mask and denim overalls.

4. 2002
Sensitive bad boy.

5. 2003
The excesses of fame. Perhaps this is where things start spiraling.

6. 2004
The floor belongs to Mr. Mathers.

7. 2005
Just onstage with Fitty Cent.

8. 2006
Who would know if he was contemplating plastic surgery? His face always sagged. Proof.

9. 2007
And so it begins…

10. 2008
Or is the dark hair and unnaturally smooth skin the beginning?

11. 2009
Yeah, something’s off here.

12. 2010
Bright flashes aren’t flattering for anyone.

13. 2011
When you’re in a video with Rihanna, it’s very difficult to look good.

14. 2012
With the dark hair, is his face getting thinner?

15. 2013
At Sunday’s YouTube Music Awards. If you haven’t Googled it yet, he’s 41.