This, my friends, is BDCwire. We like it and we hope you will, too. Allow me to show you around.

We’re a site for the college and post-college crowd living in Boston, providing music, culture, nightlife, and more. Pretty much anything that fits into your life, we’ll cover it. That’s our mission. As such, we hope our calendar becomes the go-to destination for your social planning. Because we like going out, and we know you do, too.

So, you ask, what kind of stories can I expect from this site? Right now, you can see the seedlings of what we hope blooms into a beautiful flower.

– Perry Eaton, our handsome staff writer and founder of the Allston Pudding music blog, will be bringing you highly-curated music and nightlife picks. At the start of the week, he’ll give you reasons to survive your case of the Mondays and keep your eye on the prize that is the weekend, including movies, TV shows, concerts, and the latest from bars and restaurants. On Tuesdays, he’ll highlight the best new music releases and midweek, he’ll throw some songs at you that celebrate getting over the hump. Along the way, as a true music nut, he’ll shed light on bands both local and national that deserve your attention.

– Luke O’Neil will be bringing that lovably sardonic tone that he’s lent to Esquire, Slate, Vice, and many others. He’ll be dissecting culture and offering his own (unique?) take. Whatever happens, we couldn’t be more excited.

– For music news, it’s Hilary Hughes (apologies on the rhyme). Our favorite displaced Bostonian writes for Rolling Stone, Billboard, Paste, and for some reason, she wants to write for us, too. This week, Ms. Hughes caught up with locals-gone-national Bad Rabbits to talk about what the hell happened on “The Arsenio Hall Show” last month when all of Twitter (except Sinbad) seemed to collectively crap on the band’s performance. Also, Prince shows up. Just saying.

– Every Friday, our intelligent, witty gal Cara Bayles will bring you what we call the “(Pre-)Bar Exam.” This helpful feature will not only catch you up on news from the week that you may have missed, but also provide talking points to spur bar discussion over the weekend. In addition, Cara offers pick-up lines and jokes to those in need.

That’s just a taste. We’ll also have regular features on beer, restaurants, movies, TV, stuff to do around the house, and more. From time to time, I’ll even jump in to write embarrassing stories my future children will hold against me — like this Oktoberfest piece. But for now, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, everywhere. Tell us what you think. If you love something, write in the comments or send us an email. If you hate something, mmm … that’s cool, too. Let us know, regardless.

So here we are. Come back often. Let’s have some fun.

– Glenn Yoder, BDCwire editor-in-chief (this is the only time I sign a story, I promise)