Tuesday was a typical workday for Weymouth’s Katherine Kropas. That is, until she started feeling pains in her stomach and back– pains great enough to make her miss her first day of work in more than two years.

The 23-year-old catering supervisor was rushed to the hospital where she found out for the first time that she was pregnant and in labor, the Patriot Ledger reports. Roughly an hour later, Kropas had a brand new baby daughter.


Aside from discovering that her ankles were slightly swollen in the final few days (which she had initially thought was a result of standing for 50 hours a week throughout the busy holiday season), Kropas hadn’t picked up on any cues throughout her pregnancy– no morning sickness, no other symptoms. 12 hours after the baby arrived, Kropas remained surprisingly upbeat, telling the Ledger, “It’ll be fun,” she said. “I’ll have lots of help.”

And she isn’t lying! Both of Kropas’ parents, Richard and , rushed to the hospital to greet their first grandchild shortly after learning of its birth from Kropas’ boyfriend of two and a half years, Dan Keefe. The baby weighed in at 10 pounds 2 ounces, with Richard quoted as saying, “I’ve never seen a more healthy baby.”

[via The Patriot Ledger]