Fleet-footed llamas aren’t the only animals making the news for daring escapes. According to the Weymouth Police Department, an abnormally large number of dogs have been out on the streets, thanks to all the excess snow.

According to a post on the department’s Facebook page, dogs have been able to use the huge snowbanks piled in everyone’s yards to hop fences that previously would have kept them in their owner’s yards.


The department also warned that, aside from the stress dogs endure when picked up by unfamiliar people (the police) and put in unfamiliar vehicles (police cars), owners could be fined more than $200 if their dog is picked up and placed in a shelter due to a lack of identification tags.

Last week, Weymouth animal control officer Michael Parker told Wicked Local Weymouth that owners could take steps to help prevent any escapes.

“People need to know dogs are getting out because of snowbanks,” Parker said. “If you have a four-foot high fence in your backyard, your dog would normally be secure, but with all the snowbanks they can get out. If you have a driveway and blow with a snow blower you can create a ramp for them to get over the fence.”

While it feels like Boston is finally moving past the 100+ inches that fell on its head over the endless snowstorms of 2015, there are still many dangers left to consider. So please, keep a close eye on your dog.

[h/t Time, Wicked Local Weymouth]