Harvard Square was a hub of activity this weekend, as customers hit all its quaint little shops for last-minute Christmas gifts for the irony-lovers in their lives. But Harvard is also a hub of terror, as a “scary snowman” has been terrorizing unaware passerby.

The prank was part of the Scary Snowman YouTube channel, which has apparently been going for five seasons, whatever that means in YouTube terms. This isn’t the first time Boston has been pranked by this evil Frosty, either — there’s also “Scary Snowman: Boston Edition” and several non-Boston specific videos have footage clearly shot in Harvard Square, suggesting this yuletide nightmare might be a local.

The latest Harvard prank was the Scary Snowman’s “Christmas Edition,” because apparently there’s demand for a dude dressed as a snowman scaring people on other holidays too. Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like a Calvin & Hobbes strip come to life, right?

[h/t Uproxx]