It’s the holiday season, and packages sent by loved ones who don’t do all their shopping on December 24th are showing up on doorsteps nationwide. Unfortunately, the holiday season also gives rise to package thieves.

With the rise of online shopping and generous Amazon Prime shipping rates, more and more packages are hitting stoops every year, but many never make it to their rightful owner. The only recourse owners have is to videotape their doorstep — which many people have done — but even that doesn’t guarantee the safe return of a purloined parcel.

A couple in Washington DC were facing a package thief of their own, having been victimized three times since October. But instead of simply videotaping the crook, they went a step further by filling a box with their two dogs’ poop.

According to WJLA, the culprit had not yet been apprehended, but the couple filed a police report, and hoped the video would help catch the thief.

If I were a package thief, I’d skip that house next time.

[h/t WJLA]