Who’s that at the door? Why it’s our friendly¬†neighhhhborhood pony! (I’ll stop now.)

This poor little fella got a bit lost on the way back to its Gypsy Cab and wandered into ¬†the police station of Enfield, United Kingdom. This may seem like a bit of harmless fun, but if I lived in this town I’d be just a little bit concerned that the on-duty police officer appears powerless to stop a tiny, slow-moving pony from entering, which speaks volumes about his ability to deal with real-life small-town crises like loitering teenagers and missing cats.

For those worried that the pony’s rash decision to pay a visit to the constable indicated something physically wrong with the equine, we’ve reached out to the Enfield Police Station and have been told the pony’s condition is stable. (Seriously, I’m done with the horse puns now.)

[h/t Happy Place]