A New England Aquarium volunteer has joined the rest of the Internet by making its very own “Frozen” parody, entitled “H2O.”

The video follows intrepid Aquarium volunteer Lauren Mack through all the aquatic wonders the Aquarium has to offer, from the outdoor harbor seal exhibit to the giant ocean tank. Mack, who interned at the Aquarium this summer, volunteers on Saturdays as a scuba diver in the Aquarium’s Giant Ocean Tank, feeding and caring for the fish, sea turtles, sting rays, and other aquatic animals.

More importantly: Is the video good? That depends on your definition of “good,” really. Mack’s singing is definitely the highlight, and as Aquarium attendees well know, the marine life only has to show up to be great. (The harbor seal’s timing at 0:54 is particularly excellent.) The choreography is infectiously enthusiastic, and you can tell everyone had a blast making this. The camerawork is definitely the video’s weak spot, but there’s no need to dwell on it. If you love the New England Aquarium, you’ll find something to enjoy with “H2O.” The only worry is that more organizations will follow Mack’s lead, when the last thing the Internet needs is more “Frozen” parodies.