“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is one of the best things on television right now. The HBO show is basically “The Daily Show” in longform, but with the added benefit of only airing once a week coupled with premium cable’s lack of censorship. This allows Oliver to avoids the daily Fox News bashing that has become his H-bereft fake news peer Jon Stewart’s bread and butter in favor of well-researched, extensively reported pieces that rival “60 minutes” in their depth. But forget all of that for today, because John is just gonna talk smack about pumpkin spice for a few minutes, if you don’t mind.

As an avowed pumpkin flavor hater, Oliver’s words are music to my ears. His assertion that “Pumpkin pie is only good from the moment Thanksgiving dinner ends until just after you have taken your first bite of it” is almost perfect — I’d argue it’s good for one bite less, but people are entitled to their incorrect opinions.