Looks like Dallas authorities have more than the Ebola threat contained — on Thursday, a group of citizens took down a raging bigot who had just started a fight with another man, calling him a gay slur, before airport security intervened.

Lucky for us a man named Dan Kennedy was on hand to document the whole ordeal on video, during which we see the arrested homophobe claim “Queers is what I’m upset about! This f**got right here!” before kicking and punching the man in the head, at which point a crowd of airport patrons treat the human piece of garbage to a heavy dose of citizen justice.

The video is over seven minutes long, so we compiled the five stupidest things the unidentified man said.

5. “Shove it up your ass man! And see how that feels!¬†You might get tickled from it.” (In reference to the man filming him)

4. “I punched him square in the mouth, is what I did! And let me tell you the reason why because this is America!” (As police asked bystanders what happened)

3. “The same reason you get to live — to breathe, to walk black… and you know what I’m talking about” (To the two arresting officers, both black)

2. “Yeah you better call the paramedics, cuz when I get up I’m gonna beat the sh*t out of him.” (To a man in a wheelchair.)

1. “[struggling noises]” (As he headbutts the cop, likely adding resisting arrest to his list of charges.)


Don’t mess with (Dallas) Texas.

[h/t Gawker]