Charlie Day, known commonly (by those who were graduating, anyway) as the foul-mouthed Charlie Kelly on the popular FX series “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” didn’t do much to censor himself in his speech to the 2014 graduates of Merrimack College. Kelly, an alumnus of Merrimack himself, gave a very different speech than say, Deval Patrick likely did. It may not have been squeaky clean inspiration, but, even if the parents and grandparents in the crowd didn’t quite latch on, the students likely paid attention.

Day goes into detail about his pranking history, his unintelligent roommate, and his greatest advice of all: don’t be afraid of failure, because fear will only stand in your way. Yes, the king of Flipadelphia, the gobbler of his beloved milk steak, Charlie, got a bit tender towards the end of the speech. It was an inglorious way of lending his two cents, but those moving on from The ‘Mack probably felt it paid off.