Residents of Mission Hill loved it, Northeastern students salivated over its homemade sandwich creations, and everyone lamented its disappearance from Tremont Street last year. Now, it seems that WAN Convenience, owned and operated by the beloved Winston Al Niles, more commonly referred to simply as “Al,” will reopen shop on another side of town. Last month, we ran a piece wondering where in the world Al had gone. With prices spiking for businesses in the Mission Hill area, the revered creator of sandwiches like the Deathwich and the David Ortiz was forced to close, leaving no trace behind other than a sign in the window that read “WAN’s is evolving, not closing.”

This week, it looks like Al made good on his promise. According to an announcement on the WAN Convenience Facebook page, Al is reopening WANs in Allston/Brighton on 172 Brighton Ave. this Thursday, May 1. It is unclear as of now whether it will be called WAN Convenience, or simply Al’s Deli. What is perfectly clear, however, is that BU students and Allstonians have some pretty tasty sandwiches to look forward to. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Niles’ menu, you can check his old website. Watch the drool, pal!

[Photo credit: Matt Juul]