It’s March, which means that just about anything that can be bracketed will be bracketed. With everything from swimsuit models to Will Ferrell roles being shoved into a 64-seed matrix, these brackets are often less interesting than two no-name universities playing for the right to get squashed by a no. 1 seed.

However, much to the delight of local beer-drinkers, Narragansett Beer  has announced a tournament that finally has something meaningful at stake.

Yesterday, the Rhode Island brewery announced ‘Gansett Retro Can Madness, a tournament that allows fans to vote on their favorite vintage can and bottle designs from ‘Gansett’s pre-revival days. The winner of the month-long, 16-can competition will get its own revival in a limited-edition release.

Though the designs are not ranked numerically, it’s easy to see who the favorites are. 1980 and 1976 both sport attractive nautical graphics, and 1940’s boldly branded eagle can also looks like an intimidating contender. Then again, the sheer experience of the 1901 entry can’t be ignored, and neither can the nostalgic momentum behind the recently retconned 1975 JAWS can.

Voters can begin casting their ballots today with the 1946 Narragansett Light Ale can going against a smoothly designed Extra Light Cream Ale from 1973. The championship bout will take place on April 5.