The Richmond Times-Dispatch payed tribute to Alison Parker and Adam Ward on the cover of their August 27 paper.

Parker and Ward, journalists for Virginia’s WDBJ, were ambushed and killed by a gunman on Wednesday morning.

The article put primary focus on Parker and Ward, highlighting their professional accomplishments and the impact they had on their community.


The Times-Dispatch’s cover did not include screencaps from the videos posted by the shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan II, in the minutes following the shooting.

Times-Dispatch posted an image of the front page on their Twitter and Facebook accounts Thursday morning.

A timeline of Wednesday’s events was placed at the bottom of the article. Additional coverage in the Times-Dispatch discussed how Virginia police apprehended Flanagan and the role that social media played in the shootings.

“She was the local girl who returned to her roots to pursue her dreams of broadcast journalism,” Times-Dispatch said of Parker.

“He was the videographer with a big personality who was preparing for a new life with his fiancée,” they wrote of Ward.

More Times-Dispatch coverage of the shootings can be found on their website.