Keelayjams snags this week’s Viner of the Week title because of his impeccable use of props. He keeps almost 90,000 viewers entertained with especially crafty videos, and only once in a blue moon do any of the videos have actual dialogue.

Sometimes he incorporates a hint of background music, but more often than not, the video is totally silent except for the natural noise of whatever prop he is featuring (typically something breaking or someone falling.) Who knows how much money he spent on the custom item backdrop sheets, Shia Labeouf car cover, or miniature basketballs. All I know is Keelayjams makes me proud to live in a world where people can deck out just about any household object and transform it into a hilarious prop.

A good game to play when watching Keelayjams’s vines is: did he buy that or make it? In his vine “Oh no I ruined it for you:(” the sign behind him works way too perfectly. Perhaps some of the comedy stems from us not knowing whether he picked up the sign in the miscellaneous section at Urban Outfitters or whether he spent fifty bucks and a chunk of time coming up with this video and ordering it online.

Keelayjams’s series of reproduction-themed videos also make me think he raided a local theater’s prop room. By reproduction, naturally, I am referring to him making vines of a standard object “giving birth” to smaller versions of itself. It sounds a bit odd, but for some reason when you watch these videos, you automatically start thinking about things you own: “what if I had a miniature replica of all my clothes? Or my chair?” Keelayjams shows us all the possibilities in his vines “B I R T H” and “bbabies having bbabies.”