Jamaica Plain’s resident sad boy Dylan Ewen knows how to get emotional in the grooviest way possible. The BUFU Records jack-of-all-trades often croons about the perils of heartbreak, failure, and boredom in the most blunt way possible, which, in some misery-loves-company type of way, ends up translating into some pretty sweet party music.

Today, Ewen releases “Giving Up,” a digital two song release, the A-side of which, “Fkuu Me,” has an incredible video to accompany it. The track shoves its way into a number of different styles, from an 8-bit style Pokemon-esque keyboard solo to kick it off, to a ’50s doo-wop throwback by the end, all while staying true to Ewen’s anti-folk persona. His deadpan vocal approach is matched with with a music video that matches his melancholic disposition with a fantasy land of rock, sex, aliens, Lana Del Rey, Windows ’95 screen savers, the devil, and way more surprises. It’s a patchwork of nonsensical things, none of which can get a rise out of the mopey Mr. Ewen. You can check out the video for “Fkuu Me” above, or check out both tracks of “Giving Up” below, courtesy of BUFU Records.