Noisy Jamaica Plain funk-punks Designer have had a busy year, playing gig after gig around the country and leaving a raucous trail of fire for America to bask in its burning love. While the band’s live show is an experience that is almost unmatched, Designer has a knack for pushing all the right buttons in the studio as well. While last year’s “Kalvin & Kline” EP gave a shotgun wedding to slap-bass and basement punk, carving an identity in Boston and beyond, and making its way onto our list of local bands to watch in 2014, Designer’s new material is a straight up onslaught of attack-style rock.

Clocking in at just under a minute and a half, “Bye Bye Bible,” encompasses classic punk qualities, rattling from a bass-heavy and reckless foundation, while portraying a level of showmanship in the vocal realm. It’s an exhausting listen in the best way possible, tracing back to the pleasant noises of early ’90s Guided By Voices. Today, you can see the video for the first time, which matches the song’s lo-fi charm with VHS-quality “Ghostbusters” green slime. That may or may not make sense, but maybe you should just watch the video, ya dingus.

The Designer 7″ Bye Bye Bible/Pretty Boy Mysterious 7″ is coming out on BUFU Records June 2 with the help of New Orleans-based Community Records, and can be pre-ordered now. The release show will be the same night at Great Scott with Speed Trails, Gym Shorts, and Nice Guys, and the band will embark on a tour with Palberta shortly after.