It’s that time of year when stars are on a new red carpet seemingly every night. Meryl Streep, Rob Reiner, Will Forte, Jessica Chastain, Octavia Spencer, and more talked to BDCwire about how they deal with the season while at last week’s National Board of Review awards.

The National Board of Review Award Gala is the first big critical film honor of the awards season. Although this gala is not indicative of things to come, especially in regards to the Academy Awards, many award worthy heavy hitters make an appearance.

NBR was founded in 1909 by movie theater owners and film distributors to protest the revocation of motion picture licenses by the mayor of New York City. After the Academy of Motion Pictures handed out their first awards in 1929, the National Board of Review in 1930 began choosing best films of the year and they became the first critical body to choose their top 10 best films. They are still considered to be the first critical group to announce its annual awards.

The films “Her,” “Nebraska,” “Fruitvale Station,” “Gravity,” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” took top awards.

[Video by Melissa Unger/BDCwire]