Food truck culture has come a long way in the past few years, especially here in Boston. What was once a few taco trucks, then the emergence of early studs like Clover and Roxy’s, has now blown up to include trucks from major brands like Starbucks and styles of food you’d never think to make portable. Something about having your food move at high speeds must really maximize flavor potential.

Just this week, local filmmaker Mike Irving released a short documentary, “Food On Wheels,” that explores Boston’s recent fascination with food trucks, and interviews those who feed that fascination. In the film, most who work for the restaurants on wheels agree that each food truck is its own “start-up,” which has it’s blessings and its curses (the location lottery, for one). The mini-doc comes at a perfect time, too. While these trucks are on the roads 12 months a year, the improving weather makes for a favorable al fresco dining experience. This weekend, especially, as The Somerville Food Truck Festival takes over Assembly Row from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Saturday with over 20 local food trucks participating. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased here.

The Whoo(pie) Wagon 
– Homemade whoopie pies, other desserts

Cameo Macaron
– French macarons of all flavors

Plouf Plouf Gastronomie
– Rotating menu of French mains and desserts

Bon Me
– Banh mi and other Vietnamese cuisine

– Pork buns, spring rolls, ramen, other Asian cuisine

Makin’ Jamaican
– Jamaican beef patties, other Jamaican cuisine

The Latin Spoon
– Empenadas, arepas, other Latin-inspired foods

The Pasta Pot
– Pretty self explanatory, but the signature dish is a Meatball Mac & Cheese

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese
– A different take on grilled cheese and other pressed sandwiches

Compliments Food Truck
– Home cookin’ lunch menu, from BLTs to fried cauliflower

The Bacon Truck
– Sandwiches made better by the power of bacon

Sweet Tomatoes
– Neapolitan pizza with funky toppings

Chicken & Rice Guys
– Halal dishes and other tasty meat and rice bowls

Gabi’s Smoke Shack
– Slow cooked barbecue options

M&M BBQ Ribs
– Ribs, chicken, other southern-cooked favorites

Munchies Food Truck
– Burgers, chicken sandwiches, wraps, and more

Frozen Hoagies
– Homemade ice cream sandwich creations

Uyghur Kitchen
– Skewers, wraps, and other Uyghur foods

– Rotating menu of soups and sandwiches, with a specialty in porchetta (cured and rubbed style of pork)

The Dining Car
– Comfort foods, from meatball subs to chicken sandwiches

Evan’s NY Style Deli
– Pretty self explanatory, sandwiches stacked with deli meats

Trolley Dogs
– Beefed up hot dogs of all kinds