When they’re not being utterly destroyed by red-tailed hawks, drones can be pretty useful. Take YouTube user Matt Benedetto, for example, who became the envy of every one of his Instagram followers by shooting a #NoFilter drone selfie from a lakeside cliff in Burlington, Vermont.

drone selfie gif

What other great heights might the selfie reach? Mt. Everest selfie? Done. Outer space selfie? Done so many times it has its own Wikipedia page. Benedetto may have crossed the last great frontier in selfie exploration. And to think, he was seconds away from losing it all.

From the original Reddit post:

I was watching the monitor as I was zooming out and my stomache [sic] did drop a bit when I saw the overhang.

On behalf of selfie enthusiasts everywhere, we salute you for keeping your composure and preserving this work of art.

[h/t Reddit]