Local SEIU District 615, the union that represents contracted cleaners on the MBTA, has been fighting recent staffing cuts that will reduce the number of MBTA janitors by 29%. The union has been protesting publicly since June, but their most visible demonstration came in the form of a flash mob in Government Center where various protestors gave a spirited (though disjointed) rendition of the Village Peoples’ “YMCA.”

The song, titled “M-B-T-A (Don’t Make a Mess)” surfaced this morning on Universalhub, and the socially conscious karaoke romp is well-deserving of a peek. For those who are interested in the actual cause the SEIU is supporting (instead of, say, a bit of schadenfreude at the expense of rhythmless union reps), a petition has been circulated to stop the cuts and allow SEIU workers to keep their staff levels.

This comes on the heels of a 5% fare hike, which makes it into the disco-stricken activists’ lyrics without a hint of aplomb.

The video is laughably unhip and sadly misguided in the way that it makes their plight look like some sort of frumpy bridal party dance, but it’s bringing their issues to new eyes, so that’s almost a win for the SEIU. Anyway, dignity really doesn’t have a place on the Internet in 2014, so sing along to the asynchronous chorus, everybody!

♫ Pay more for less with the M-B-T-A 
♫ Say no to cuts at the M-B-T-A