Adult Swim knows its 4 a.m. audience.

Last month, the world was mystified by the long-winded, semi-disturbing ’80s sitcom parody “Too Many Cooks.” Early this morning, continuing with its insomniac-targeted Infomercials series, Adult Swim aired what is perhaps an even weirder, even darker 10+ minute infomercial parody.

“Unedited Footage of a Bear” starts out as exactly that, perhaps poking fun at attempted viral Internet content in a rather ironic fashion. The story quickly turns from there though, as a the video cuts to a mock-YouTube ad about allergy medicine, which spirals into a dark hole, chronicling the journey of a woman spinning out into a violent rage after taking too many nose drops. It’s as confusing as it sounds.

“Unedited Footage of a Bear” is not exactly laugh-out-loud funny, at least to a normal non-psychopath, but if you could last the full 11 minutes of “Too Many Cooks,” chances are, you’ll be curious to check this one out as well. At the very least, it features a cool song from Baltimore-based noise pop project Ed Schrader’s Music Beast, so that’s a win.