Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is one of the more popular UFC fighters around. He’s the number-one ranked light heavyweight in UFC’s rankings and appeared in the critically acclaimed film Warrior as fighter Orlando “Midnight” Le.

But Johnson is currently in the news for the wrong reasons after posting a now-deleted rant on Facebook August 18 in which he admitted to ripping a woman’s yoga mat off the ground and throwing it across the room.

An alleged screenshot of the post shows Johnson described the woman’s body as “beat up” and resembling “a bag of dry dog food.”

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In a vacuum, this incident seems like an extremely disrespectful incident. But Johnson has a record of domestic violence that spans several years.

In 2010, Johnson pleaded no contest to kicking his ex-girlfriend’s door in, picking her up by her armpits and slamming her to the ground, and putting her in a headlock and dragging her up a flight of stairs.

In 2012, the mother of two of Johnson’s children took out a restraining order against Johnson, telling police that he had punched her in the face and knocked two of her teeth out.

Then, in September 2014, the allegations resurfaced when the mother went to police claiming she had been receiving threatening text messages and that Johnson had showed up at her house and taken her dog. The UFC suspended Johnson indefinitely but reinstated him when the plaintiff voluntarily withdrew the charges.

At that point, UFC president Dana White came out strongly in support of Johnson, insinuating the woman was lying and saying Johnson “was actually the one who was being terrorized in this relationship.”

White has claimed in the past that the UFC has a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence. “There’s one thing that you never bounce back from, and that’s putting your hands on a woman,” White told MMAFighting. “Been that way in the UFC since we started here.”

But when White was asked about Johnson’s 2010 conviction, he demurred. “Yeah, I-I-I-I-I don’t know exactly what happened to him then,” White told TSN’s Off the Record. “You know, when you say he had a checkered past, there’s been a lady that he dated that, you know, was saying all kinds of horrible things about him that were absolutely not true, and it was actually proven in court, so. It was not true.”

UFC issued a statement about Johnson’s conduct yesterday on their website.

“UFC is aware of the situation involving Anthony Johnson. We take these matters seriously and have commenced a formal investigation by a third-party law firm. We will act accordingly once we gather more information.”

As for Johnson, though he published some less-than-conciliatory tweets Tuesday night that have not been deleted, he has since posted an apology on Facebook.


[Photos via @anthony_rumble / Instagram]