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Who could forget the 2008 and 2010 NBA Championship series. Remember the feeling of rage that you experienced whenever Kobe Bryant shot the ball, or complained about a call, or played defense, or pretty much did anything? Apparently such enthusiasm is just as real on the west coast, real enough that a Kobe supporter went so far as to drive 35 minutes on Christmas day to attempt to fight a man who was lobbing disses at the Lakers star on Twitter.

It all started when Twitter user @SnottieDrippen modified the tweet of @MyTweetsRealAF, likely not looking for trouble, but poking fun at his comparison of the Lakers without Kobe to the Thunder without Kevin Durant.


Seems like simple cyber-trash talk, all in good fun, right? The battle had only just begun. Did we mention that this was also on Christmas day?

So it’s now officially a fight, at least as far as @MyTweetsRealAF is concerned. @SnottieDrippen has different plans though– plans that include continuing to troll his newfound adversary from the comfort of his mom’s house in Arizona. This is all on Christmas Day, let me remind you.

Just in case Twitter didn’t think he was serious, @MyTweetsRealAF made sure people knew he meant business, likely chugging Red Bull and blasting Rage Against the Machine as he approached Temecula.

You can probably predict how the rest of the story goes. @MyTweetsRealAF arrives in Temecula, with @SnottieDrippen nowhere in sight. @MyTweetsRealAF takes a photo of himself giving the middle finger in front of the Welcome to Temecula sign, and claiming he won the dispute. @SnottieDrippen doesn’t reply, but maybe to more levelheaded audience members, that was the best possible move.

It may have been stupid, but it was enough for SportsCenter to make reference to it (not exactly the best measurement of how stupid something is). I wonder what Kobe thinks of the whole thing?


[h/t SB Nation]