As you all know, the Northeast has been slammed with snow snow over the last two weeks, leaving the MBTA severely hampered. Nobody expects the train to run flawlessly during huge snowstorms — especially given how badly state legislators have neglected years of needed repairs — but that’s not going to stop me from dreaming about riding this train through snowbanks like a modern-day Snowpiercer.

The train in the video is about as Northeast as you can get in North America, riding the Canadian rails through the town of Salisbury, New Brunswick. It’s thrilling to see this behemoth blast through the snow from afar, and the moment when you realize the guy filming is WAY too close to the tracks right before he gets showered in snow spray is hilarious.

train snow smash gif

I can’t speak for all of Massachusetts, but I’d gladly approve legislation for snowbank-smashing locomotives instead of a 2024 Olympics bid.

snowpiercer gif

[h/t The Daily Dot]