With the nation in full freakout mode now that a case of Ebola has been confirmed on US soil, sleazy opportunists are cashing in on the hype, including the makers of one mobile game that lets users play as the virus itself, with the goal of wiping out humanity.

Plague Inc. has been available for some time now, but that doesn’t make the ripped from the headlines simulation any less stomach-churning. Take this screenshot from the game, for example.

ebola US

And is it just us, or do these tweets from the game makers seem a bit too giddy at the prospect of a worldwide outbreak?



In the meantime, people should pick up Pandemic instead — all the disease-ridden apocalyptic fun of Plague Inc., but you’re actually trying to stop the disease. Who knows, skills like those might come in handy someday.

[h/t Death & Taxes]