Tom Brady was more than a little pissed off after the New England Patriots fell to the Miami Dolphins in Week 15. All things considered, though, the Terrific One should have been every bit of pissed after that key loss. The Patriots had a chance to wrap up the AFC East and didn’t get the job done. Even worse, the Dolphins are in position to make the postseason and could even win the division. That’s plenty of reason to be a little testy.

Brady threw for 364 yards and completed almost 62 percent of his passes. He also tossed two touchdowns albeit with one interception against the ‘Phins. Ryan Tannehill spoiled Brady’s comeback drive with a touchdown pass to some guy named Marcus Thigpen. The loss was New England’s first to Miami since 2009.

The Patriots’ future Hall of Fame quarterback might have been a little short with reporters after the game (the press conference lasted 54 seconds) and a tad profane, but can you blame the guy? Miami isn’t a bad team or anything but the Patriots whiffed on a real chance to make its road to the playoffs a little easier.

Not to pull a Gisele Bundchen or anything, but the Pats quarterback got Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman the football a combined 23 times for 270 yards. There’s not much else a quarterback could have done to secure the win. This season has not been the best of Brady’s career and he’s not going to get to 34 touchdowns like he did last season. Brady hasn’t been perfect every game this year but he did his part against the Dolphins. Honestly, it’s not surprising Brady was angry after last week’s contest. He didn’t go about things in the most professional or mature manner but hey, we’ve all been there. Hell, I pulled a Brady two days ago.

Give the veteran quarterback a break. He didn’t throw any of his teammates or coaches under the bus. Brady simply said the obvious when he stated that his team made some good plays and some “shitty” ones. He should have answered a few more questions so some journalists could have had an easier time doing their job but he doesn’t need to worry about anything outside of the Patriots.

At the end of the day, the team just has to find a way to beat Baltimore and/or Buffalo to wrap up the regular season. The loss to the ‘Phins was a bit deflating, obviously. Brady showed that after the game but it’s not the end of the world.

We’ve all been where Brady was on Sunday. Let’s cut the guy some slack and just chalk his antics up to a bad day at the office.