The New England Patriots 26-21 loss to the Green Bay Packers last night wasn’t very fun for anyone. But a clip of quarterback Tom Brady being walked on a leash by a trainer made the night a whole lot of fun for viewers at home. As it turns out, Tom enjoyed leash life so much, he and his trainer took a stroll around Boston today.

tom brady leash gif

Oh ha ha, let’s all make a joke about Tom Brady working with some resistance bands. It’s a BIG JOKE that Brady likes staying loose on the sideline. Well the Internet seems to think it’s funny, but you know Brady and Belichick won’t pay any attention to the haters who posted these obviously fake images of Touchdown Tom being walked by Aaron Rodgers and Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan.

Tom wasn’t very happy with all those mean bloggers.

Here at BDCwire, we’re a bit more highbrow than those other immature sites. But when we heard that Tom was taking in the sights around Boston on his new leash, we knew we had an obligation to publish the photos. It’s called journalistic ethics, look it up.

Tom and his trainer enjoyed some partners waterskiing on the Charles

Then they laced up their skates and did some beginner skate lessons at the Frog Pond.

Tragedy almost struck when Tom got stuck on a Blue Line car…

But he was saved by everyone’s favorite local hero, Sad Ben Affleck Batman

Then Brady got his belay on at Brooklyn Boulders

Tom’s teammates left him tied up outside while they went for a drink, but it’s ok because Tom loves the outdoors.