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For years, Bill Belichick has stood as a solitary fashion icon, his line of Belichic cutoff performance hoodies a trademark on NFL sidelines. But today Tom Brady took a page out of Belichick’s book by rocking the renegade cutoff look at a press conference this morning and completing the outlaw persona by swearing on live television.

Brady not only sported a hoodie, but apparently rocked a t-shirt saying “I Predict Pain,” a callback to Mr. T’s Clubber Lang character from “Rocky III.” Brady completed the badass rebel act by swearing during the live broadcast on the NFL network. “Sometimes in a good mood, sometimes I’m in a shitty mood…bad mood, sorry,” he said.

Though there’s no video of it, we can only assume he finished with “…that I’m NOT sorry!” before flexing his biceps and walking off to “Eye of the Tiger.”

[h/t Bostinno]