Tired of the same old bars? Looking for a place to kick back after work and enjoy a delicious cocktail made with artisan booze, obscure liqueur, homemade bitters and a bizarre garnish? Then the soon-to-open Ames Street Deli is the perfect place for you.

ames street deli menu

Ames Street Deli is set to open soon in Kendall Square, but in the meantime, Boston Eater noticed that when navigating to their website, the drink menu section had a satirical sendup of what many people think of when they look at any cocktail menu (which now mysteriously seems to have disappeared).

Just for comparison’s sake, here’s the menu at Backbar, the outstanding Somerville cocktail bar run by Sam Treadway and Joe Cammarata, who will also run Ames Street Deli when it transitions into a full cocktail bar in the evening.

GTD fire puncher vodka, grapefruit, ginger, sesame, sake, apple and eggwhite

bitter dove
mezcal, mexican fernet, Combier pamplemousse, salt and lime

missing link
laphroiag scotch, vermouth, benedictine, herbsaint and bitters [served at room temp]

Pamplemousse? Isn’t that a twee indie-rock duo? Regardless, it’s heartening to see these guys can dish out the jokes as well as they can whip up cocktails. At least it doesn’t look anything like this cocktail menu.

[h/t Boston Eater]