Some of the all-time great comedians have worked in pairs. Abbott and Costello. Laurel and Hardy. Tim and Eric. This Japanese man and his dog.

The man in question, a YouTube user who goes by inosemarine, has built a huge following in his native Japan by shooting videos with his dog, a Shiba Inu named Mari. Though the location changes and the premise varies, the underlying idea is always the same: Inosemarine seeks his dog’s love or help, and Mari acts like a total jerk.

Sometimes Mari uses a disdainful paw to deny a kiss.
shiba inu paw gif

Sometimes it’s a bit more drastic kiss-repelling technology.
shiba inu kiss gif

Mari’s no hero. Mari is definitely, definitely not a hero.
shiba inu drowning gif

Not cool, Mari. Not cool.
shiba inu ketchup gif

The dog will help on occasion, but only if it gets to be a jerk.
shiba inu water spray gif

Mari is popular enough that you can even buy a DVD of the duo’s best pranks, though at $15, only the real die-hards will go for it. Then again, Grumpy Cat is a millionaire, so there may be hope yet for Mari and the other humorously ill-tempered animals of the Internet.

[h/t Vox]