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This is Dexter and Carolyn Johnson.

reddit photo 2015

“Dex and Carrie,” 67 and 60, respectively, have been married for 40 years. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, they decided to recreate their wedding photos.

reddit photo 1975

Earlier this month, the couple was about to take a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate their anniversary and renew their vows. Without Dexter’s knowledge, Carolyn had packed her original wedding dress and his original wedding suit jacket as a surprise.

But she couldn’t figure out how to pack her wide-brimmed hat. So, the day before the trip, she pulled them all out.

“She put the dress on, and I said, ‘You look as beautiful as the day we got married,’” Dexter says. “So I said, ‘Lemme get my tripod!’ and we started taking photos all over the house.”

Dexter says Carolyn made the dress and jacket herself the day before their wedding in 1975 because they were “pretty broke.”

After posting the pictures for friends on Facebook, Dex and Carrie’s son Jay Johnson shared them on Reddit. That’s when things got crazy and went viral—Dexter says he’s seen their wedding photos on sites based in Thailand, China, England, Germany, and France.

“We took these photos for ourselves—we never thought they’d blow up like this,” Dexter says. “But we’re glad people can see that love stands strong 40 years later.”

Besides their age, there are a few other differences between the initial photos and the newly taken ones. When the couple got married in 1975, they were in Ohio. Now, they live near Houston.

Gone, too, is the 1970 Honda motorcycle.

reddit motorcycle photo 1975

Instead, there’s a 1996 Harley.

reddit motorcycle photo 2015

Carolyn’s garter belt was lost somewhere along their 40-year journey together. But the dress and suit still fit both of them perfectly.

Reddit wedding side by side

For those wondering how a couple can stay in love throughout 40 years of marriage, Dexter has a few simple tips.

“We tell each other we love each other at night no matter how mad we get,” Dexter says. “And we always kiss each other good night.”

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