Redditor jakeisback1 asked: “What is something people should take a little more seriously than they already do?”

The results ranged from the more obvious (and serious) to smaller pet peeves. A few were older adults bemoaning their youthful mistakes — flossing got brought up more than once –- but all of them have a little takeaway that’s worth paying a bit attention to.

1. When you drive, you’re in control of a huge machine that can cause serious harm

Reckless driving: woman texting in the car.

“I feel like people forget they’re in control of what’s essentially a 4,000 pound death machine,” says UzukiCheverie. “When you turn 16 it’s considered a whole “coming-of-age” thing, and I think the way our society and the media glamorizes it is a big part of why so many teenagers, young adults, and even middle aged adults don’t take it seriously at all, and think that something that’s celebrated so much in our world can’t possibly hurt them.”

2. That little dog that everyone thinks is cute can also bite you


“Little dogs and biting / being aggressive,” says Smeeee. “Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they don’t need discipline and rules. I hate it when people laugh and say ‘that’s so cute’ when teacup dogs bite or snap at people.”

3. Your overall level of fitness

A pair of female feet standing on a bathroom scale

“Ironically a lot of people take obesity too lightly,” says Jatz55.

4. People who are angry and anxious don’t want to be that way


“Anxiety and people with anger problems,” says Lehsyrus. “I’m generally a laid back and happy guy, but if I get anxious or get angry, it’s really not because I want to be. I like being laid back, calm, and happy. I don’t choose to feel enraged over stupid little shit, and it makes me even more anxious when it happens. It’s a nightmare for those of us in that loop because we can’t control it.”

5. Having good aim

Public restroom in the center of city

“Peeing on the toilet seat, like seriously, clean up your mess and learn not to miss,” says Zac91142.

6. The destruction of privacy

Life In Palestine

“Who cares if the NSA is spying on me. I’ve got nothing to hide…’ Idiots…” says Beaver_Enthusiast.

7. Becoming a parent


“Having kids,” says ChineseGoddess. “You’re growing another person. I can’t believe how nonchalant some people are about it. “Oops, looks like we’re having a baby”. Uh, that baby is going to become an adult and his/her actions can adversely affect society. Take that shit a lot more seriously people!!!!!”