You know the regular grind: You spend eight hours of day, staring at a screen, doing whatever task-based job you’re being paid on a weekly basis to do… but sometimes, you just want to see who else is single and ready to mingle at 2 on a Tuesday afternoon.

Dating app the Grade revealed the six occupations that are most likely to break from their workday to search for that special someone, and we were horrified (but not surprised) to see who came out on top. The data is based on 450,000 swipes on their app gathered during work hours on February 20. However, we should note, not everyone works a 9-to-5, Monday through Friday, so their variables aren’t exactly scientific. 

That’s our defense and we’re sticking to it.

6. Firefighters (26%) 


To be fair, a lack of fire-related emergencies is actually a good thing.

5. Actors (26%)


They probably have a lot of free time.

4. Doctors (26%)

smiling doctor or nurse drawing electrocardiogram

Not like they hold the fate of peoples’ lives in their hands or anything.

3. Teachers (26%)

Male Teacher Playing Guitar With Pupils Having Music Lesson In Classroom

Not like they hold the fate of future generations’ lives in their hands or anything.

2. Real Estate Brokers (28%)

key with label home

How else would they know which neighborhoods are hopping with sexy, young singles?

1. Journalists (36%)


We’re just doing research for one of the Millennial trend pieces. We swear.

On the flipside, occupations with the least amount of work hour activity? Lawyers, investment bankers, and students. But who wants to date those guys anyway.