Vanity Fair‘s July cover featured one of the most iconic photos of 2015: It was the first time the world glimpsed Caitlyn Jenner. She wore a white bodysuit and appeared behind the words, “Call me Caitlyn.” It was a simple image that has had a profound impact.

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But it unfortunately has proven simple enough to be parodied as a Halloween costume.

Jenner’s cover look is now available for purchase through several online costume vendors. Though it appears to be discontinued at, a costume that includes a brown wig, white bodysuit, and sash reading “Call Me Caitlyn” is still up for sale on Wholesale Halloween Costumes and

“You probably won’t break any Twitter records when you wear this outfit,” reads the product description on “But you’ll be sure to get a few laughs out of your friends and the other guests at the get together.”

For many, though, this costume is far from funny.

A petition has since been started, demanding the production of Caitlyn Jenner costumes be revoked.