As winter melts slowly into spring, some fresh sounds for your ears.

Day Wave “Gone” – I am absolutely obsessed with Day Wave. Jackson Phillips is one of the brightest young songwriters and producers I’ve come across in recent years, and each new song of his I hear takes me to a place I’d forgotten.

POP ETC “What Am I Becoming?” – We’ll have the California indie rockers in session on March 7. Click here to grab a seat, and check out the clip below.

Mogwai “Ether” – The Scottish post-rock masters return on April 1 with ‘Atomic.’ The video for “Ether” sets the tone, and sounds exactly as you’d expect a Mogwai song to sound. So satisfying.

Here’s a handy playlist with those three and a half-dozen more, for your listening enjoyment. You’ll hear them all on too, of course.