Bursting into the click-bait bubble, The Onion launched ClickHole this morning, a parody website closely mirroring many less-ironic efforts from around the web. “ClickHole has one and only one core belief: All web content deserves to go viral,” advertises the site, which synthesizes many of the most egregious Internet tropes on its front page.

Today’s headlines? “16 Pictures Of Beyonce Where She’s Not Sinking Into Quicksand”—and indeed, Beyonce is not sinking into Quicksand at any point in this listicle—and “8 Touching Pictures Of Celebrities And Their Dads,” which in truth, is a compilation of photos of Patrick Stewart standing with other celebrities.

Apart from its list-based content, the site features an impressive array of quizzes, cute videos, and ill-informed, inflammatory blog posts, all run alongside an intensive regime of advertising. The Onion first teased ClickHole in late April, posturing the publication to better compete in the online market after discontinuing its print edition at the end of last year.

In case you were unaware as to navigate the site, or if this form of content still isn’t easy to “digest,” here is their infographic to walk you through the process: